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Lesson 1




It’s time for the final application of this course! This one is going to be an interesting one as we will be tackling a lot of new ideas and concepts. Once again, I am going to lower the level of guidance in this application build for concepts we have already covered, but since there will be so many new concepts, we will still be covering a lot of things in detail.

As always, in cases where you do feel a bit lost/stuck I would recommend following these steps:

  1. Reflect on the situation independently for a little bit
  2. Research using the documentation or just Googling
  3. Go back to the equivalent situation in the Quicklists/Giflist application or view the source code

About Chat

This application is going to be quite different from the previous applications. The others have been “standalone” sort of applications — they are the sorts of applications that can be used by a single user and used in isolation. This application will have its own backend that we will use to share among multiple users using the application.


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