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Lesson 2

Getting Started


Getting Started

As I mentioned for the previous applications, there are a few things that we will do at the beginning of every application build, to get things ready. These are things like:

  • Generating the application
  • Installing extra packages (if necessary)
  • Restructuring the generated application to our liking

Generate the Application

Make sure you have the latest Angular CLI installed:

npm install -g @angular/cli

Generate a new application with the following command:

ng new angularstart-giflist --defaults --style=scss --inline-template --inline-style --skip-tests

Open the project in VS Code or your favourite editor

With the project created, we are going to make just a few modifications to get things going.

Install Packages

In the last application build, we created some very bare bones styles for the application. This time we are going to integrate Angular Material which will provide us with some pre-styled components that we can make use of in our application (like buttons, and input fields) and it will also help us theme our application. We will be using one of the pre-built themes for this application, but in our next application walkthrough we will look at building our own theme with Angular Material.

Add Angular Material by running the following command within your new project:

ng add @angular/material

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