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Lesson 6




We now have a basic but fully functional application — we have implemented all of the features we set out to implement. Specifically, we can:

  • Accept user input
  • Create new todos
  • Display the todos
  • View the details of a specific todo

The point of this application build was to get some exposure to some very basic Angular concepts. We still have more theory to learn before we get into the “real” applications, but hopefully this should help give some context to the things we have been learning so far (and the concepts that we are about to cover).

Over the next few modules, we are going to learn about some slightly more advanced concepts. There were times throughout this build where we implemented features that use concepts that we haven’t explicitly covered yet. We will spend some time learning about observable streams, reactive programming, application architecture, and a more detailed look at state management. After that, we will get back into some application building — this time, looking at more realistic and complete applications.


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